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Q.No 10 Is there any example from al Quran through which we can understand the term Iqtiza-‘an-Nass?

Date : 19/06/2022

Answer Iqtiza an Nas (Presumed meaning)can be understood from this verse of Al Quran which says “ Establish Salah” . It is clear in its meaning. But in Shari‘ah Salah cannot be performed without Taharah (ritual purity or cleanliness) so to attain ritual purity before performing salah is understood through iqtiza an Nas .It means Salah itself demands us to perform wazu or Ghusul (in certain conditions) before one intends to perform it. It can be simplified by this example also “a man tells his servant to water him, The demand for water is known as ‘ibarat an Nass and the things which are required for to water him( i.e )glass etc. are understood through ‘iqtiza-‘an-Nas.

Q.No 9 What is the meaning of Dalalah al Nas?

Date : 19/06/2022

Answer In order to understand Dalalah An Nass the verse “Say not to them(so much as), “uff,”and do not repel them but speak to them a noble word”. So for as this verse is concerned the textual meaning says that To Say uff and repelling them” are both haram but at the same time it is maintains, to hurt them in any way is also haram as “uff” and “repelling” both are pointing out the same meaning. This is daleel behind this hokum is called Dalalah-an-Nass.

Q.No 8 Can Ibarat un Nass and Isharat-un-Nas be exemplified?

Date : 08/02/2022

Answer Yes, If Someone intends to see a thing he focuses his eyes upon that thing , aside that thing he sees another thing which he was not intended to see. The thing he sees intentionally can be understood as Ibarat un Nass and the thing he visualize un intentionally can be taken as Ishar at un Nass.

Q.No 7 What is the meaning of ‘Ibarat al Nas?

Date : 30/01/2022

Answer The indication made by words presenting principle or subsidiary theme of the text is termed as Ibarat un Nas.

Q.No 6 What is the meaning of Nas in Arabic?

Date : 30/01/2022

Answer The lexical meaning of Nas is to exert for apprehending so that the real and underlying meaning is determined. In the science of the principles it is used to mean text of the law that explicitly tells the do’s and do nots.So the verse of the Quran which is clear and definite in ites meaning or which states clearly what is right and what is wrong is called Nas.

Q.No 5 What are these?

Date : 30/01/2022

Answer These are as under: 1) Ibarat un Nas(Explicit textual ruling) 2) Isharat un Nas( Alluded meaning -meaning that is inferred from a certain Quranic text, but not explicitly stated) 3) Dalat un Nas (Inferred meaning –whatever is understood from the Text of Al-Quraan ) 4) Iqtiza un Nas (Presumed meaning-a meaning that has to be presumed for a correct understanding of a Quranic Text )

Q.No 4 How many ways are there to understand the meaning of the Quranic Text?

Date : 30/01/2022

Answer There are four ways to understand the Quranic Text.

Q.No 3 What are the sources (foundations) of Shariah?

Date : 30/01/2022

Answer There are four sources (foundations) of Shariah and they are as under: • Al Qur’an, • Sunnah • Ijm‘a(Consensus), • Qiyaas(Analogical Deduction)