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Accommodation not modification

  • Salik Bilal
  • Sunday 14th of April 2024 06:03:57 AM

Accommodation not modification

Today we see, there is intolerance every where. No one is ready to listen others.Every one consider his or her viewpoint or thought final and therefore tries to impose the same on others that some times turn into conflict and therefore hatred and hypocrisy come into being that ultimately closes all possible ways for the discourse of dialogue between the parties. It is why that the followers of different schools of the subcontinent are not allowed by their scholars to study the literature of other schools, because they apprehend that comparative study may enlighten them and therefore they will cease to remain blind followers of their respective school. As they know that the comparative study classical  islamic literature develops capacity and improves understanding level of the students of literature that ultimately helps them to decide whether their stand is right or the stand of the opposite thought. Similarly by virtues of their study they can reach to the conclusion that their is also room for both the viewpoints because both have best and healthy proofs ( daleel) behind their perspectives. So the need of an hour is to inculcate habit of research among the intellectuals both from Madrasah and modern education background.But before doing this there are some pre-requisites that must be fulfilled.The first thing is deconditioning of one’s mind.It means that in order to know the truth you should study every thought and school in the light of usool al-din and Maqasid al-shari‘ah not through the lens of your own school . Both the things will keep him or her on the right track. Usool al Din (fundamental doctrines of Islamic Faith )will protect him or her from all types of deviations in aqa’id and a’amaal and Maqasid al Shariah (the goals and objectives of Islamic Law)will keep him or her away from falling into bid’ah.As we know aqidah is the Asal (bassis) of al Din and every ‘Amal which fulfils the goal and objective of Islamic Law) is Amal al saalih and Amal al salih does in no way fall into the catagory of Bid’ah.If such type of methodology is applied while studying the literature of different schools of thought the researchers will find that there is great scope for accommodation. Otherwise the research with conditioned mind always prompts the researcher to modify the truth in accordance with their respective thought.Accomodation is mandoob (good thing) while as modification is madhmoom (bad thing).

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FIRDOUS ahmad bhat


2024-04-14 19:23:28

Syed Nasrullah Andrabi

Mashallah, aap ka kalm meray dil ki zuban bana hai, bahut hi achi tehreer

2024-04-14 19:09:24


Hope readers will leave their valuable comments in the comment box .It helps a lot

2024-04-14 17:57:38

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