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    داعی توحید نمبر

Da'ie Towheed
Author: Aasi Ghulam Nabi

Da'ie Towheed is a historical book covering all aspects of Molana Abdul Wali Shah Sahibs Da'wah Struggle.It includes Malfoozat narrated by the different desciples of Molana and historical descision regarding  Wazifa "Shaynillah" given  by Molan  Anwar Shah Kashmiri RA(attested by the then Session Jude's Court of Baramulla).The researchers who want to know the Da'wah movement of Molana Abdul Wali SB RA must read this historical document written by  Aaasi Ghulam Nabi SB the cheif founder of Majlis E Ilmi Jammu and Kashmir and Patron of RNB.  

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