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It is torture to follow the footsteps of others براہ دیگراں رفتن عذاب است

  • Salik Bilal
  • Friday 17th of September 2021 02:35:08 PM


Islam due to its living and energetic sprit dose not tolerate imitation of its followers to any external source. Because in the words of M.Asad, “Only very superficial people can believe that it is possible a civilization in its external appearance without being at the same time affected by its spirit”  According to him, “a civilization is not an empty form, but a living energy .The movement we begin to accept a form, its inherent currents and dynamic influences set to work in ourselves and mould slowly imperceptibly our whole mental attitude.”  So it is in perfect appreciation of this experience that the Prophet (SAW) said:
من تشبہ بقوم فھو منھم(الحدیث مسند احمد بن حنبل ،سنن ابی داود)
“Whoso imitates other people becomes one of them” (Musnad-Ibn-Hanbal, Sunnan Abi-da’ud)
Islam is “like a perfect work of architecture .All its parts are harmoniously conceived to complement and support each other, nothing is superfluous and nothing lacking……Everything in its teachings and postulates are in the proper place”  Hence there is no question of important and unimportant in its teachings .From Mandubaat to Fra’id each and every thing is important for its believers.’Ulema has written thus:
من تھاون بالآداب عوقب بحرمان السنۃومن تھاون باالسنۃ عوقب بحرمان الفرائض ومن تھاون با الفرائض عوقب بحرمان المعرفۃ
{One who does not take the Islamic etiquettes serious, is consequently deprived of the sunnan .Similarly one who depreciates the sunnan is deprived of the fra’id and one who is deprived of the fra’id ultimately gets deprived of the M’arifah (realization)of Allah(SWT)} 
It is M’arifah which is the crux if Islam .Man has been created by the Almighty Allah SWT for ’Ibadah and the word Ibadah has been translated by the Mufassirun as M’arifah .So in order to achive the ultimate goal one has to start from ’ibadadh. In simple words we can say that M’arifah is guarded by the fara’id ,fara’id are supported and guarded by the sunnan and sunnan are supported and guarded by Aadaad-e-Islami.
So the discussion reveals that from etiquettes to Fara’id each and every thing is important for a Muslim (believer) in the pursuit of M‘arifah. 


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